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Hall Fight #2

2009-02-17 04:22:38 by Raffi-Stick

You'll remember Hall Fight.. right? :3

I'm working on a remake, called.. well.. Hall Fight! It WON'T be coming out soon, but I'll make sure it WILL be finished.


2008-10-30 07:44:08 by Raffi-Stick


Oh, boy.

2008-08-10 02:09:43 by Raffi-Stick

2 things to say. First of all, I'm proud to say that RUPA [at least RUP] has been released.

Also, I've started 3D animation and such, so don't be suprised that my anims will now have a different view. :]

lol wut

2008-08-02 09:11:52 by Raffi-Stick

It appears I'm banned from the Audio Portal for reasons I have not been told.


Oops I Got Owned Collab

2008-08-01 02:48:38 by Raffi-Stick

It's finally here. Kinda messed up but here. b.html

Vista was being a bitch so I couldn't upload it. But enjoy!

Hill Short

2008-07-06 08:55:33 by Raffi-Stick

Latest anim :]

I still need to get the image, but I cba right now XP

No, I didn't leave. :]

2008-06-18 12:44:34 by Raffi-Stick

Don't worry, I'm still alive. I just posted my latest animation, Pink 'n' Purple.
Hope you enjoy!

Also, if you head over to Stickpageportal, why not join the collab I'm working on, the WTHHGOWTW Collab? Unfortunately SPP has Database problems so i can;t provide the link yet, but hopefully it will be up again :]

Name change

2008-03-09 03:33:33 by Raffi-Stick

I have a different name now.

It's "Raffeh". So please call me by that.

And sorry I haven't been on for a while, I've been pretty busy.

First Audio Submission

2007-11-11 03:31:39 by Raffi-Stick

I've submitted my first Audio since I got my new Music Making program... Hope you enjoy them!


2007-10-20 04:00:53 by Raffi-Stick

I'm making a new project at the moment. It's called RAFFMANIA!

The thread is on StickPage Portal. So no NGers will be in this (apart from the ones who go here and SPP)