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Oh noes!

2007-10-03 14:41:03 by Raffi-Stick

Dammit, I've gone rusty!

I may not be animating for a while, sorry guys =(

Hall Fight

2007-09-16 07:05:30 by Raffi-Stick

I didn't have ANY inspiration left in the middle of making 'Hall Fight'. I was going to submit it to the NG Alphas, but I don't think I'll ever finish it. I'm leaving you guys with the work I've put into this stickfight, and if you ask me to finish it, maybe I will. Depends on how many people want it finished.

Right now, 6 people want it finished. I'd better do as they say!


2007-09-02 04:04:58 by Raffi-Stick


Cave Rush

New projects

2007-08-29 13:22:37 by Raffi-Stick

Yeah, I have a few projects goin' at the moment.

Hall Fight is my latest project. But i don't have enough inspiration at the moment.

Cave Rush, my biggest project, refuses to open. If you have a solution to this problem, post it here

Desktop Fight 2 is the working project right now, I've only done about 173 frames.

That's it for now! More coming soon (maybe)!

I'm new here

2007-08-27 13:18:56 by Raffi-Stick

I'm new to NG and I just wanna say hi to you all. Lawl. Sorry if I act noobish every now and then.

Here's a picture I made:

I'm new here